Design Your Life

I’ve never been opposed to growing up because I know I get to DESIGN my life.

Friendly Reminder: You don’t have to do what “they” say.

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How will you design your life? You got this. I believe in you!


I’m VERY excited to launch the NEW 16500 EDU DIGEST! I had a blast getting nerdy on the technical details and making it fun and easy to digest for specifiers and contractors alike! If you want to get on my mailing list for the monthly blast on the 15th of each month, comment below or email First issue comes out THIS FRIDAY!

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Light Is Light…Or Is It?

I’m excited to be speaking at LDI again and reuniting with industry friends! Check out the summary of my session below and say hi if you’re attending!

Light Is Light…Or Is It?
Various forms of entertainment lighting, whether that be in touring, concerts, theatre, film, broadcast, or niche architainment installations, have a lot of overlap in approach, syntax, and personnel. These disciplines have enough in common to conjure the simple perception that “light is light”, and we may think all lighting can be approached from the same standpoint. However, when crossing into a traditional architectural approach, we start to see there are a lot of differences in product, protocols, language, personnel, and even the buying process. Sometimes these worlds overlap, but often they can be completely siloed with very different methods and procedures. In this session we will look at where the differences are and what to consider when approaching architectural lighting and systems design, whether pivoting into the built environment permanently, or for a bespoke integration piece.  


Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

Let there be spaces in your togetherness.

Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.

I have learnt silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.

Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.

Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

Work is love made visible.

If you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work.

Khalil Gibran


I am excited to announce my latest published article in the American Society of Interior Designer’s Magazine: A New Dawn for Dynamic Lighting. Click the link below. Enjoy!

A New Dawn for Dynamic Lighting

Girl On Film

The Girl on Film is me, on my birthday, at Silk City in Philly when I was young enough to not even dare go out before 10pm at the earliest. I was maybe 23 years old.

I met this cute nerdy photog that night and he snapped this instant of me, the flash blowing out my face in the dark bar. I immediately loved that it was me, but it wasn’t. Without a face I had no identity. At the height of my creative lifestyle, this was pure poetry in my mind. It made the gent even cuter.

I went to take a sip of my Yuengling lager and got bumped simultaneously by an anonymous passerby in the crowd, which so easily occured due to the tight shotgun shape of the retro diner redesigned into a nightclub. That little elbow bump thrust my arm and the bottle too quickly to my mouth, chipping my front tooth. Luckily it was so tiny it was unnoticeable, but I could feel it with my tongue, and proceeded to do so obsessively all night.

Years later I put the photo in a frame with this found metal honeycomb scrap to add an extra level of creativity. I never kissed the boy.

Summer Stings + Things

Throwback circa 1992

Julie B!! Oh I was so fond of the time I spent at summer camp with this dear one who just the other day had no idea I was going to post a bunch of old pix in honor of my bday month and sent this to me out of the blue!

I lied about my age to become a CIT at Golden Slipper Camp a year earlier than I was able to legally obtain a work permit. oops

Grateful that I did because those were some of the best times of my life. Even though I was a weirdo emo art kid trying my best to hide my desperate childhood poverty and parental abuse from everyone, there were these kinds of moments with amazing humans that I got to call my friends.

This was the same summer that I was stung by a bee at 2am while painting the bunk plaque for the end of the first encampment. Bunk J I believe. Despite the rumors that bees prefer daytime, this night bee flew into Julie’s long, thick mane and she jumped around the cabin trying to shake it out of her hair. It finally got free and then we went back to painting.

A few minutes later it came out of nowhere and stung me on the knuckle of my right ring finger. I had no idea I was allergic at the time but I wasn’t feeling well right away. Our other co-counselor Denise said I was probably allergic like her. She said she just takes Benadryl and it solves the problem. I took some, but a couple minutes later I still felt really weird.

I went into the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror, the impetigo on my chin that I got a week earlier from a mosquito bite was oozing and my face was rapidly swelling. Denise and Julie agreed I should go to infirmary so I hiked over there.

Nurse said the same, probably just an allergy, take some Benadryl and sleep there for the night. I got into bed and after a couple of minutes my armpits hurt. Huh? I went to the bathroom to take a look and I was covered in hives, the teeny baby armpit hairs growing in now felt like daggers in my skin.

Back to the nurse, “um, I really don’t feel well.” This time she looked at me and immediately called the head counselor to take me to the hospital. Since we were in the middle of the woods, the hospital was about 45 minutes away. By the time we arrived I was unconscious and had gone into anaphylactic shock.

The next thing I knew, I shot up from the hospital bed, instinctively diving to rip an IV of steroids and whatever life juice they were filling me with, out of my hand. The doctor and nurse restrained me before I could succeed and calmed me down. I remember at one point seeing my heart rate monitor at 14 BPM.

After they stabilized me, they left the room for me to recover, or to go get the heart attack patient that had just come in. They came rushing in with him on a gurney and drew the curtain between us while they pumped him back to life. The curtain was not the full width of the room so I could still see almost everything going on, but didn’t have enough strength to interpret my surroundings. This was a one or two room hospital in the middle of the mountains so there weren’t alot of resources. Apparently the middle of the night is when it’s hoppin’ around there.

He kept moaning, “Oh the pain!” I looked over and saw his heart rate monitor, 148. I remember lying there thinking, if I only we could combine our heart rates we would both be normal. Bee Daze Math.

Most of the days I spent at camp and with Julie were not life threatening, but this was the day I found out I was allergic to bees. Well, maybe not the day in this picture. I wore that 70s knit sweater t-shirt any chance I could. I wish I still had that little gem. It was cropped too, back in style..because that’s how old I…I mean that’s how old that picture is now, printed on unpredictable film with a weird saturated smudge and everything.

SO overdue for a camp reunion!

ps if you want to add a little pop, bling, or zing to your photos HMU. I love making digital art for people!


In honor of the onset of my birthday month, let’s enjoy the throwback machine.

This set from my bday party circa 2005. That’s my sweetest boy, Mars, my first puppy love. Also with little Forrest who is now a totally grown adult, and that badass @marymacx. Thanks for the pics and the wonderful memories @amymcline

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Sarah Golish, VP Digital Lighting Networks

I’m SO excited to celebrate #WomenInLeadership with this interview with Sarah Golish, the new VP of Digital Lighting Networks. Not only does this interview cover our advanced control technologies, but also covers Acuity Brands’ enhanced approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, which is an absolutely crucial conversation to be having TODAY.

Thank you for the interview,!

YOU, Superhero

First order of business: You literally are a superhero. You have SO many powers to create your fate. Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics, Alchemy – whatever you want to call it, we have the power! Don’t talk yourself out of it – try it today! ✨❤️✨

Second, If you want a superhero collage with your face, I can do that for ya! Just let me know. Hang it on your mirror, on your fridge, make it part of your vision board – whatever you want to remind yourself and give yourself a little boost. YOU’RE AWESOME. Don’t let anyone make you feel any differently.

~ FIN ~

“You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.”

—Antiope to Diana, Wonder Woman Movie


Reflective, Growth

Mixed Media, 2019

The image in the center is a detail from my original conte crayon drawing and mixed media artwork called Reflective, which was a piece I created in the aftermath of losing my little brother, Brian, aka MC Logic, to suicide. I was swimming in the deep darkness during this time, trying to make sense of it, all the more shocking as I had found out at 5am on the day I landed on American soil after frolicking all over Brazil for 2 months without a care in the world. It was the last time I was truly, unequivocally free. Returning to this news was beyond devastating. Gratefully, I was surrounded by the undying love of my supportive community who kept me from drowning and helped me hold my sense of purpose to go on without him.

Both originals have already been sold, but Postcards and Prints are available in my Etsy shop, Luv Logica. You can also contact me here for direct inquiries and commissions of any work not shown on Etsy, including those shown on Utopia Dreamscape.

I’ll post the complete, original Reflective piece tomorrow so check back then!


“Enchantress Embellished”

Mixed Media on Canvas, 2019

As a lighting professional and an environmentalist, I’m sad to say that my industry produces a lot of waste. 😏 To do my part, I upcycle e-waste and lamp parts into new art to divert these items from the waste stream. This is part of an ongoing series I call “The Reuse Revolution”.

The fairy in this piece is a reprint from an original painting / drawing that I created several years ago and still love to this day. She is acrylic and ink.The background is spray paint using various trash as stencils.

This original has already been sold, but Postcards and Prints are available in my Etsy shop, Luv Logica. You can also contact me here for direct inquiries and commissions for any works not shown on Etsy.

xo, dlux



Theia was the Titan goddess of shining and light, associated with all that glimmers. She endowed gold, silver, other metals, and gems with their radiance and intrinsic value. … Theia married her Titan brother, Hyperion, the god of light. Together, they bore three children: Helios the sun god, Selene the moon goddess, and Eos the dawn goddess 1.

Every day is a perfect day to worship the SUN, giver of life, central star of our solar system. A mere 10 minutes a day to obtain Vitamin D – wild! Not to mention the thrill of sunny beach days, rainbows in a sprinkler, picnics in the park, and cat naps in a sunbeam. ☀️ Our circadian rhythm a byproduct of the color temperatures from sunrise to sunset, defining our moods, alertness, and restfulness, all from the variable wavelengths of the sun. The glimmer, the glitter, the brilliant, beautiful SUN. 🌞

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