In honor of the onset of my birthday month, let’s enjoy the throwback machine.

This set from my bday party circa 2005. That’s my sweetest boy, Mars, my first puppy love. Also with little Forrest who is now a totally grown adult, and that badass @marymacx. Thanks for the pics and the wonderful memories @amymcline

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I met a bird that could talk. She was an ancient soul.

When I asked how she spoke English she said I was actually understanding her language.

She could also shiftshape.

I walked my dog home – he kept crying and told me he was floating out in the middle of the universe. He was lost floating in space, even though his body was here with me.

The paint on the walls looked solid in dim light, but messy camo in bright light.

It think when the bird crosses into my realm, it spins the dog out and that’s why he was floating in the universe.

I Had to hold him in my lap with my arms wrapped all around him to keep him still in the universe.

He was a combo of Mars and Jupiter, but bigger.