Reflective, Growth

Mixed Media, 2019

The image in the center is a detail from my original conte crayon drawing and mixed media artwork called Reflective, which was a piece I created in the aftermath of losing my little brother, Brian, aka MC Logic, to suicide. I was swimming in the deep darkness during this time, trying to make sense of it, all the more shocking as I had found out at 5am on the day I landed on American soil after frolicking all over Brazil for 2 months without a care in the world. It was the last time I was truly, unequivocally free. Returning to this news was beyond devastating. Gratefully, I was surrounded by the undying love of my supportive community who kept me from drowning and helped me hold my sense of purpose to go on without him.

Both originals have already been sold, but Postcards and Prints are available in my Etsy shop, Luv Logica. You can also contact me here for direct inquiries and commissions of any work not shown on Etsy, including those shown on Utopia Dreamscape.

I’ll post the complete, original Reflective piece tomorrow so check back then!