Theia was the Titan goddess of shining and light, associated with all that glimmers. She endowed gold, silver, other metals, and gems with their radiance and intrinsic value. … Theia married her Titan brother, Hyperion, the god of light. Together, they bore three children: Helios the sun god, Selene the moon goddess, and Eos the dawn goddess 1.

Every day is a perfect day to worship the SUN, giver of life, central star of our solar system. A mere 10 minutes a day to obtain Vitamin D – wild! Not to mention the thrill of sunny beach days, rainbows in a sprinkler, picnics in the park, and cat naps in a sunbeam. ☀️ Our circadian rhythm a byproduct of the color temperatures from sunrise to sunset, defining our moods, alertness, and restfulness, all from the variable wavelengths of the sun. The glimmer, the glitter, the brilliant, beautiful SUN. 🌞

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