Two Years ago in December 2018 I started my journey of making things I ingest daily into Superfood concoctions. I didn’t realize where this would lead at the time, especially that I would become hyper-motivated to turn food into fuel and immunity boosters as a positive reaction to my covid fears. I have quite a few superfood beverages that I eat on a daily basis now which are both yummy and mega -nutritious. I’ll be adding them here regularly so stay in touch and subscribe or follow! ❤️

On December 19, 2018 I wrote on Instagram: It’s too cold for smoothies so I’m experimenting with some winter concoctions after becoming inspired by @elsarhae on her @YouTube video “Winter Camping – Coldest Night YET…” in their rad 13’ scamp. (Check it out; she and @barronlink are super rad.) For tonight’s experiment, I made a turmeric, cacao, reishi, maca latte with almond and coconut milk. It’s quite delish!! #scamp #vanlife
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