Swiffer Hack

I’ve never been so excited to mop my floor.

As a minimalist, environmentalist, and old school DIY cleaner, I’ve been using dollar store mops pretty much my whole life. From my former life in the restaurant industry, I grew to prefer the big spaghetti head mops for their ability to “catch” dirt as opposed to pushing it around like the rectangle sponge heads seem to do. If there are real terms for these mop heads forgive my ignorance, I’m not a professional. 🧹

When I was moving out of my last apartment in Oakland, I caved at the last minute and bought a swiffer. It was just one of the moments where I didn’t have enough time, I ran out of my DIY supplies, was moving during a pandemic germfest, and I just collapsed into a lazy American supply sweep at my local Walgreens. #facepalm. Now, I say I caved because I know Swiffer WetJet has been everyone’s dream mop for probably a decade for reasons I mostly totally disagree with. I don’t use one time products. I don’t buy plastic anymore. I don’t use chemical cleaning supplies. I am appalled that the majority of Americans seem to be totally ok throwing away the head (made of microplastics) after one use, and throwing away the thick plastic bottle of cleaner that it comes with when it runs out, and then pay a premium for refills. Huh?! The amount of production and clean water and waste water and shipping and petroleum that goes into making these single use plastics is mind boggling. Imagine if they let you screw off the top and just buy bulk refill cleaner? 🤯

It would be an environmental milestone for Swiffer to allow refills on that bottle. Not only would it save the environment, but they could easily still make profit by selling bulk cleanser. Unless they know about people like me I suppose. As I mentioned, I don’t like chemical cleansers because they are full of toxic ingredients that are terrible for the environment, and I especially don’t want that in my home where I am breathing them in and making contact with my skin when I walk around barefoot. So I guess Proctor + Gamble Inc is SOL until they make cleanser that isn’t contributing en masse to environmental waste. Clean up your culture already, P&G. 💩

SO I am beyond pleased to share with you this HACK that lets you REFILL the plastic jug that comes with your swiffer! It’s incredibly fast and easy and I literally yelled out loud “Oh My Gaga It Worked!” I was just as shocked as you. 📣

Boil Water in a small pot on your stove.

Once water comes to a boil, turn off heat and hold the bottle cap down in the hot water for 90 seconds.

Now that the plastic has softened, twist off the cap. I have tiny baby hands so I used a rubber jar opener to assist but I was also thinking there was no way it could be that easy and expected more resistance.

Shout, “Oh My Gaga It Worked!”

Cut off the tiny plastic prongs with scissors, nail clippers, or similar. I tried the ones in the pic just to see which I liked best and the clippers with the handle were easiest for my tiny baby fingers to keep a grip on but they all work fine so it’s totally up to you.

The whole project took less than 5 minutes to complete. Now you can use any cleanser you like whether it’s DIY solutions like Vinegar and Water, or homemade Pine Sol, or something else, you can now refill to your heart’s content and never buy another plastic bottle again. ♻️

Don’t forget to buy reusable Mop Pads. I like this Amazon’s Choice Recommendation.
1 Mop Pad is equivalent to 100 throw away Swiffer Pad “Refills”. 🧽

Shout out to Instructables for providing the OG directions. BRILLIANT. 👏🏼

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