Krissy told me she was in town briefly – which town I’m not sure, but I was there too. I met up with her at a diner with a guy named “Ohio”, who was also from Vermont. I met him when I was originally there, and remembered him fondly, but I couldn’t remember his name until she reminded me.

She was distracted, so at first it was hard to catch up – she kept changing topics. But soon it was almost 3 o’clock and she had an appointment so I drove with her through the windy region that was swathed in red dirt dunes. It was a gorgeous drive, like Utah a bit but the landscape was not tall. Perhaps it was more like Mars. We got to the spot where she was going to performing her act – “falling into trash”. I didn’t know what that meant exactly but they were dropping heaps of trash from a helicopter and she was laughing and twirling as it fell around her. She told me she was ready to close the chapter of the past 2 years. Even though she was happy, she was exhausted. She didn’t say what was next. 

My flight was coming up so we had to part ways. I went on my way and “woke up” from the “dream” about seeing Krissy to go do my travels of the day. During this supposed awakened state I found a brochure for a small environmental group that was trying to re-route trash from the landfill. When you opened it, accordion style, there were about a dozen silhouettes of people decorated with shapes that were objects and costumes made from recycled garbage. I glanced through until I recognized her silhouette. I didn’t realize she had been doing this for a cause since it was related to her circus routine. I thought it was just a general performance piece at the time. I never saw the video that they recorded  that day, but it was cool to see this promo brochure and I was proud of her for helping with an important cause.  I was also amazed because I thought I had dreamt the meeting with Krissy and was now awake with this brochure, which meant that I found out about all this in a dream state and it was actually true. So when I woke up for the second time, but the first real time, I was surprised to discover that I had been asleep the whole time. Ha. Well it was good to see you, Krissy. 

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