Hello Sweet Loves of The Glorious Universe!!

I just wanted to pop in real quick with some VIBRANT GREEN ENERGY. Yesterday I got a mega grocery haul delivered from Sprouts. I just finished #UnleashThePowerWithin with Tony Robbins and am PUMPED BEYOND BELIEF. Team 23 is LIT! 🔥🔥🔥 A few of us stayed in touch and one of the new motivations that we decided with was to jump into a Whole30.

This is my 5th! Everytime I do it I feel better, and I get better. My healthy habits increase, my bad habits decrease, and I become unaddicted to the “foods” that were never serving me in the first place. #UPW wasn’t just motivating, it went into THE DEEP. Like buried psyche deep. I unlocked blocks that were concealed so deep I had no idea they were still there. I thought I had “taken care of that already”. I can’t begin to explain, I can just say, this is something everyone should do. It is genuinely life changing. ✨💕🙏🏼💕✨

SO, I decided not only would I do Whole30, I’m going to try it differently this time. For one, I’m doing it 100% ORGANIC. I haven’t done that before. 30 days of all organic is going to be magical. I’m also going to go ahead and try it vegan. WHAT?! This is a little trickier since the vegan diet relies so much on legumes and grains, but I have some good tricks up my sleeve. I’ll go into that another day.

Anyhoo, I am also in the middle of moving so even though I want to write like crazy, I am going to go unpack and try to get my shizzle together. I just wanted to say hi real quick and ask you this – what are you feeding your cells? Sluggish foods that are hard for your body to process? Foods that are known to cause cancer? Foods that are known to clog arteries? Are you eating live, bright, fresh fruits and veggies? Are you eating straight out of nature’s own package? Are you getting all your colors or is everything white and beige? Are you eating alot of pesticides? Do you know where you food comes from? Does it use prison labor to manufacture? Does it cause pollution? Is it reliant on tons of petroleum? Is it full of antibiotics and hormones forced into it? How do you feel?

I’ve been witnessing massive transformation for myself. I’ve learned how my diet directly affects my hypothyroid symptoms. On multiple occasions I have eliminated my symptoms completely, and as I become less of an emotional eater and more cognizant of the fuel I need to give me energy and help me thrive, the better I feel. I love feeling better every single day; feeling younger than I did when I was in my 20s. It’s true what they say, you are what you eat.

After unlocking my true potential at Unleash The Power Within, I now, finally, understand why I was giving in to poor choices for so long. This is the biggest gift I could ask for. I finally found my why. All the reasons I would contradict my true desires. All the reasons I would cheat myself “just this once”.

This is YOUR LIFE. Your one and only precious life in THIS BODY. What else could you do with your body if you ate healthy foods? How clear would your mind become? Would your brain fog lift? How much inflammation would leave your joints? Would it be easier to get out of your eat? Would you find yourself connecting with others more? Just wondering. Chronic fatigue lifted, pure joy in your heart, high vibrational energy that grows exponentially, daily, can you imagine? I love you so much and I want you to prosper. Eat Bountifully. AND SPREAD LOVE.


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